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A native of Seoul, Korea, Kristin emigrated to the U.S. at the age of seven. During her childhood, playing the violin was a refuge for Kristin from bullying and racism — she moved to the U.S. not speaking any English, and feels the violin became her voice. As a foreign-born citizen of America, Kristin was compelled to select this repertoire to express her pride of the country she now calls her own, and offers these programs that have a distinct and recognizable sound of American music and its rich history.

In addition to offering these programs individually, Kristin Lee offers them as a series, returning for several performances within a season or over two seasons. For these performances, Kristin will be joined by acclaimed multi-faceted pianist, Jeremy Jordan.

American Influences

American Influences showcases a broad spectrum of illustrious American composers and the musical styles which influenced them, as well as their own musical styles which in uenced generations of composers to come. This program includes selections by Gershwin, William Bolcom, George Antheil, Elliott Carter, John Cage, and John Adams.

American Inspirations

This program highlights the works of several European composers that were inspired by America’s composers, folk tunes, and culture. American Inspirations features music by Ravel, Dvořák, Stravinsky, Fritz Kreisler, and Vieuxtemps

American Indulgence

American Indulgence celebrates the most beloved styles of American music: jazz, ragtime, blues, and bluegrass. From works composed by the “King of Ragtime” Scott Joplin, to contemporary composers like Schoenfield and Zimmerli, who are heavily influenced by jazz and ragtime, Kristin Lee and Jeremy Jordan perform this versatile program of written out and improvised music.

American In-Vogue

In this program, Kristin Lee celebrates the American composers of this generation who go above and beyond in finding their own voice through pairing the violin with electronics and other unusual instruments. Featured composers include Molly Joyce, Lera Auerbach, Andy Akiho, Patrick Castillo, and Ryan Francis.


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“She delivered a powerfully constructed and played programme, one of the most satisfying recitals that I’ve heard in years.”

– The Strad


“Lee brought a perfect balance of finesse and vigor to the piece, giving a driven, commanding performance that demanded and got rapt attention from the audience.”

– Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

“Violinist Kristin Lee was simply spectacular . . . This is a violinist who has everything: superlative technique to burn, interpretative mastery and incredible sensitivity to the various styles of music she performed.”

– The Advocate


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