Maya Beiser, Evan Ziporyn

Bowie Symphonic: Blackstar

David Bowie's Blackstar for cello and orchestra

conducted and arranged by Evan Ziporyn

Maya Beiser, cello soloist

with Ambient Orchestra


Cellist Maya Beiser is now performing David Bowie's entire last album Blackstar in a startling new arrangement for cello and orchestra by composer Evan Ziporyn, who is music director for the project.


Ziporyn and Beiser’s Blackstar is an homage to David Bowie, who died in January 2016 shortly after the album was released. For both musicians, the ambitious project is a personal one. “To me and my generation, Bowie was a model for what it meant to be an artist or creative person,” Ziporyn explains. Beiser says, “He was so versatile, and he was always exploring and evolving as an artist. He never settled for the easy path. And he himself, as a person, was the totality of his art.”


Beiser and Ziporyn’s Blackstar has been performed in Boston, Barcelona, and for an enthusiastic audience at New York’s Central Park SummerStage series. The Boston Globe recently described Beiser as “a force of nature,” and wrote of the performance of Blackstar in Boston last year, “The orchestra’s approach took advantage of the rich, jazz-infused harmonic palette of ‘Blackstar.’ As the rest of the strings rose up in deep menace and then flitted away like shadows, Beiser’s cello replaced the vocals of ‘Sue (Or In A Season Of Crime)’ with a shivering panic. . . ‘Lazarus’ reached further down into the grave and further up toward the stars all at once.”


In the fall of 2018, they perform Blackstar with the Ambient Orchestra at the Moss Arts Center, Texas Performing Arts, Stanford Live, and Flynn Center for the Performing Arts. Blackstar is available for touring in spring 2020.


Booked in collaboration with Middleton Arts Management


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“The adventurous Ms. Beiser has been called the 'cello goddess,' which is not hyperbole: She summons from her instrument an emotional power so stirring that even the most stoic audience members risk turning into sobbing sacks of flesh.”

The New York Times

"Maya's playing flowed freely along invisible lines, traced by an unencumbered, swaying body, which like her spontaneous smiles, exuded a confident pleasure in Bowie's music . . . Bowie would have been dazzled."

– The Boston Musical Intelligencer


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