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Now booking the Philip Glass Ensemble for performances January 2020 and later

We are thrilled to welcome the legendary Philip Glass Ensemble to our roster for management and PR. We are now booking performances for January 2020 and later.

The music of Philip Glass is unique. Peerless in its originality and its impact on the music of our time, his work has torn down the barriers between art music and commercial music, West and East, electronic and acoustic. Glass initially pursued his own voice and forged his career path through the founding and cultivation of his own Philip Glass Ensemble, whose members offer a decades-long devotion to the mastery of a performance practice required to fulfill the artistic power of Glass's iconic works. For fifty years, the Philip Glass Ensemble has been the steward of a repertoire that was originally written for and dedicated to them. They continue to offer exclusive performances with unrivaled vigor and deft artistry.

The Philip Glass Ensemble is continuing into the future as a performing and educating organization, exclusively performing Philip Glass's catalog of music written or arranged for the PGE, using the authentic performance practice that the members of the Ensemble have developed over their decades of touring and recording with Glass. The Ensemble is eager to help the next generation of musicians learn this tradition during their touring activities and at their home base in New York City.

Philip Glass says, "The PGE represents the most authentic performance practice of my music in our time. I am looking forward to championing them as they carry it forward and bring its unique repertoire to new generations."

Visit to learn more about The Philip Glass Ensemble.

The Philip Glass Ensemble is the exclusive performer of its repertoire. Philip Glass will not personally appear with the Ensemble unless otherwise noted on the tour calendar.

By special arrangement with Philip Glass and Dunvagen Music Publishers, Inc.


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