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Neave Trio releases "Celebrating Piazzolla" on Azica Records

The Neave Trio announces the November 16, 2018 release of Celebrating Piazzolla on Azica Records. On this recording, the Neave Trio captures Piazzolla’s rich legacy through arrangements by one of Piazzolla’s long time colleagues, José Bragato (Las Cuatro Estaciones Porteñas) and by a younger protégé, Leonardo Suárez Paz (select songs). Mezzo-soprano Carla Jablonski joins the trio for the Piazzolla songs as well as an original work by Paz. Celebrating Piazzolla was produced by Alan Bise, mastered by Bruce Egre, and recorded at Sauder Hall, Goshen College.

Piazzolla’s original score for Las Cuatro Estaciones Porteñas matched his quintet: bandoneón, piano, guitar, bass, and violin. José Bragato, who worked with Piazzolla for many years and arranged many of his works, created this stylish version for piano trio, true to the Argentine tango spirit. In the tradition of tango spontaneity and flexibility, he takes liberties with textures, ornamentation, and other details of Piazzolla’s themes.

Listen to/ buy the album here


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