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Dither releases new album of Electric Guitar Quartets - Potential Differences - on New Focus Recordi

The New York-based electric guitar quartet Dither announces the November 1, 2019 release of its third studio album, Potential Differences, on New Focus Recordings. Dither has established itself as one of the premiere ensembles of its kind, cementing its reputation as keen champions of inventive composers and deft sound sculptors in the rich sonic world of the electric guitar.

Potential Differences represents Dither's signature repertoire – including works by Eve Beglarian, Jascha Narveson, Ted Hearne, Paula Matthusen – which the group has performed extensively over the last ten years. The album also includes Dither's version of James Tenney's Swell Piece and a work by each member of the quartet – Gyan Riley, James Moore, Taylor Levine, and Joshua Lopes – who bring idiosyncratic approaches to the electric guitar's sound and playing techniques.

Dither has worked closely with many of the featured composers, who are also friends and colleagues, to develop each piece slowly over time. “Even with pieces written from within the group, we are constantly making individual creative choices and crafting our parts with our instincts and personalities at play,” says James Moore.

Measured in volts, Potential Difference is a term for the difference of electric potential between two points. Moore explains, “Though it is a technical term that might more directly refer to the electricity going through our guitar pedals and amps, we also like to think of it poetically as a reference to the wide range of voices on this record and the energy that has been produced between them.”

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