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Neave Trio's Anna Williams and Mikhail Veselov featured by PBS' American Portrait for Surpri

Two members of Neave Trio, violinist Anna Williams and cellist Mikhail Veselov, were featured on PBS' American Portrait after playing an impromptu concert for Katherine Rushfirth, a nurse who was awaiting the results of her COVID-19 test and was forced to remain separated from her husband and child. Rushfirth's situation inspired a mutual friend, who knew Anna Williams, to organize the surprise performance outside of Rushfirth's house without her knowledge.

PBS's viral video of Williams and Veselov's rendition of Leonard Cohen's 'Hallelujah' has now been viewed over one million times. They also performed 'Yesterday' by the Beatles and 'Stand by Me' by Ben E. King. In addition to PBS, The Boston Herald, and many other local news outlets featured the heartwarming performance. "The song [Hallelujah] is so timeless,” Williams said. “I have a lot of different emotional attachments to it. It’s so beautiful in its simplicity.”

Williams and Veselov live together and are engaged - in fact, their wedding was supposed to be in April, but they have rescheduled to next summer. They also performed a virtual concert from their living room as a live broadcast on The Violin Channel's Facebook page, and mentioned that these selections - "Hallelujah," "Stand by Me," and others - were going to be played during their wedding. Here's their rendition of "Stand by Me".

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