The Neave Trio's Anna Williams and Mikhail Veselov Perform on VC Living Room Live

March 29, 2020


The Violin Channel is committed to reminding people that live art will still exist even in these uncertain times. As part of their series "VC Living Room Live", two members of the Neave Trio performed a live-streamed concert on March 29th, which can be viewed on the Violin Channel's website


Violinist Anna Williams and Cellist Mikhail Veselov performed live from Lawrence, Massachusetts, in a program featuring a selection of duo works by Glier, Massenet, Elgar, Schubert, John Lennon and Leonard Cohen. As Anna and Mikhail are a couple, they are quarantined together and have been performing separately from the third member of the Trio, pianist Eri Nakamura. 


For more information about the Neave Trio, please visit their website:

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