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Jupiter Quartet gives virtual premiere of Stephen Andrew Taylor’s Chaconne/Labyrinth on April 3

Presented by Arizona Friends of Chamber Music

Beginning on Saturday, April 3, 2021, the Jupiter String Quartet is presented by Arizona Friends of Chamber Music in a virtual concert featuring the world premiere of Stephen Andrew Taylor’s Chaconne/Labyrinth. This performance was recorded exclusively for this online event in Smith Memorial Recital Hall at the University of Illinois in Champaign-Urbana, where the ensemble has been artists-in-residence since 2012, and where Taylor is a professor of Theory and Composition. The program also includes Schubert’s dramatic “Death and the Maiden” String Quartet No. 14 in D Minor. The performance will be accessible for free starting on April 3 at 10am MST on Arizona Friends of Chamber Music’s website and it will be available to watch for 30 days after the initial presentation at

Of his new work, Chaconne/Labyrinth, Taylor explains, “‘Chaconne’ is an old-fashioned word for a repeating chord progression, like the 12-bar blues. Here the wonderful Jupiter Quartet plays a chaconne, but at the same time they are lost in a labyrinth. The chords keep returning, only to point in new directions. This is how I’ve felt the past year: stuck in a loop, but at the same time lost in a maze, desperately seeking the way out. At the center of this maze, like the Minotaur of Greek myth, lies a depiction of the coronavirus that has so profoundly changed our world. After this encounter—marked by strange, percussive sounds—the quartet traces their way, like following Ariadne’s thread, back through the labyrinth.”

Chaconne/Labyrinth was commissioned by Arizona Friends of Chamber Music. AFCM believes that chamber music remains a living art form, and nurtures new music by commissioning works from interesting, accessible composers specifically tailored to great ensembles. The organization’s strong history of past commissions can be found at

For more information, about the Jupiter String Quartet, visit

For more information about Stephen Andrew Taylor, visit

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