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San Francisco Chronicle Profiles Donato Cabrera Among Conductors During COVID

The San Francisco Chronicle spoke with three Bay Area conductors, including Donato Cabrera, about their experience during the COVID pandemic. Cabrera states in the article:

“Being a conductor is a story of opposites,” Cabrera explained in late May, by phone from his home in Glen Park [California]. The public may think of the conductor onstage, in rehearsals or at galas, he acknowledges, but his job is “also a very private affair, like a composer or author or writer. I’m mostly studying, thinking about the music, trying to find new pieces to program for the future, and that’s the majority of our lives.” “But it’s been very difficult for me, in all honesty, to study music the way I did when I was performing all the time,” he continues. “When I used to open up a score to a composer’s piece of music, there was an intent — almost solely — to perform that at some point in the future. I have that tactile need to bring the music to life.”

Cabrera has been keeping busy despite the dearth of scheduled performances this year- his blog on Medium has been updated regularly since March, and his Facebook Live series "MusicWise — Conversations about Arts & Culture” has allowed Cabrera to converse with other musicians, artists and administrators in an accessible way for his followers.

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